Sunday Sermons

  • Confessions From Your Pastors: Significance

    Chris Gothold

    ConfessionsLuke 3:21-22

  • Confessions From Your Pastors: Timidity

    Sammi McCubbins, Blake Merwin

    ConfessionsActs 4:1-13

  • Confessions From Your Pastors: Disbelief

    Mark Willson

    ConfessionsRomans 7:14-8:1

  • Confessions From Your Pastors: Worry

    Jessica Bauml & Michael White

    ConfessionsPhilippians 4:4-7

  • Confessions From Your Pastors: Envy

    Michael White

    ConfessionsJohn 21:15-22

  • Heart Health: Healthy Discipleship

    Chris Gothold

  • Heart Health: God Transforms Our Hearts

    Michael White

    Health Health_God transforms our hearts

  • Heart Health: Where Does It Hurt?

    Michael White

    Health Health_Where does it hurtJohn 11:32-37

  • Creation Care

    Dr. Kevin O'Brien

    Exodus 32creationcare_square-01

  • Resolution Revolution Pt 2

    Michael White

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Special Event Sermons

  • Christian Witness To Muslims: Walking Backwards into the Future

    Steve Cochrane

  • Christian Witness to Muslims, Part 2

    Steve Cochrane

  • Thanksgiving Eve Service


  • Creation Care Presentation

    Jeff Zweerink

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Michael White


  • Christmas Eve: Message of Hope

    Michael White

    Candles Only