Sunday Sermons

  • Power Unleashed

    Michael White

    Power Unleashed Graphic Only1 Corinthians 15

  • Palm Sunday & High Stakes Poker

    Mike Stelle

    Includes baptism

    Lead Me to the CrossJohn 12:12-16

  • Lead Me To The Cross: Love, Anger, or Neglect?

    Michael White

    1 John 4:9-10

  • Lead Me To The Cross: God Steps In

    Michael White

    Exodus 11-13

  • Bringing People To Jesus: Who?

    Michael White

    Bringing People to Jesus

  • Bringing People To Jesus: Andrew & MaryAnn

    Mike Stelle


    John 1:35-42

  • Bringing People To Jesus: Pointing To Jesus

    Michael White


    John 1:19-34

  • Top Ten Sayings Of Jesus: Take Up Your Cross

    Chris Gothold


    Top Ten

    Mark 8:34

  • Top Ten Sayings Of Jesus: GO

    Michael White

    Matthew 28:18-20

  • Top Ten Sayings Of Jesus: The Greatest Among You

    Michael White

    Matthew 20:26

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Special Event Sermons

  • Christian Witness To Muslims: Walking Backwards into the Future

    Steve Cochrane

  • Christian Witness to Muslims, Part 2

    Steve Cochrane

  • Thanksgiving Eve Service


  • Creation Care Presentation

    Jeff Zweerink

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Michael White