Sunday Sermons

  • Christmas Soundtrack: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

    Michael White

    Christmas Soundtrack_squareIsaiah 40:1-5

  • Advent Conspiracy: Love All

    Steve Cochrane

    loveallActs 9:1-19

  • Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully

    Chris Gothold

    worshipfullyLuke 7:36-50

  • Advent Conspiracy: Give More, Spend Less

    Mark Willson

    spendlessgivemoreLuke 19:1-10

  • A Sane Approach To Sexuality & Faith: Week 3

    Michael White

    sexandfaith-01John 8:3-11

  • A Sane Approach to Sexuality & Faith Week 2

    Michael White

    1 Thessalonians 4:3-8sexandfaith-01

  • A Sane Approach To Sexuality & Faith

    Michael White

    Romans 12:1&2sexandfaith-01

  • Questions & Answers Session

    Michael White, et al.


  • Basic Training: Church

    Michael White

    Acts 2:36-47Basic Training

  • Basic Training: What Is The Bible?

    Michael White

    Basic TrainingActs 8:26-38

    How does God’s story change your story?

    What can you do to learn more about God’s story?


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Special Event Sermons

  • Christian Witness To Muslims: Walking Backwards into the Future

    Steve Cochrane

  • Christian Witness to Muslims, Part 2

    Steve Cochrane

  • Thanksgiving Eve Service


  • Creation Care Presentation

    Jeff Zweerink

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Michael White


  • Christmas Eve: Message of Hope

    Michael White

    Candles Only